Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and top Democrats unveiled a new economic agenda on Monday, touting it as a "better deal" for Americans. 

The plan emphasizes the party's calls for a higher minimum wage and tax credits for job training. Dems are looking to craft a new economic message after Hillary Clinton's loss to President Trump in blue-collar states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

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Schumer said Trump ran on a populist economic agenda, but has since "abandoned" his supporters in favor of alliances with the wealthy and special interests. 

But according to Stuart Varney, the Democrats' economic plans still place the emphasis on government over the individual and businesses. 

"Add up everything in the Democrats' new economic toolbox and there's not much that's new. Just like the Obama years, the plan is all about government telling business what to do," said Varney, arguing Democrats have long believed that more rules and mandates will create growth. 

"They are still the party of government."

Varney said Trump can blunt the Democrats' plans for electoral success by moving forward on replacing ObamaCare and cutting taxes.

He said a $15 federally-mandated minimum wage is not the way to create higher wages and will lead to job cuts for small businesses.

Watch Varney's Take above.   

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