Some Liberals Compared Trump to Hitler During His Speech to Boy Scouts

Rachel Campos-Duffy assured that the voters who put Donald Trump in office do not care about the Russia collusion allegations.

"This is a circus," Campos-Duffy said on "Outnumbered."

Monday and Tuesday were big days for the Russia investigation as Jared Kushner met twice with the Senate Intelligence Committee and made a rare statement to reporters outside the White House. Former campaign manager Paul Manafort appeared before the committee Tuesday morning, and Donald Trump Jr. will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday.

"I live in the Midwest," she continued. "I travel to a lot of places where I meet the everyday people that put this man in office, and I'm telling you, they don't care about this."

"They need the Senate and the House to deal with jobs, the economy, taxes, health care."

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