Lifelong Ohio Dem Backs Trump: Stop Ridiculous Russia Collusion Theories

Eric Bolling slammed Sen. Lindsey Graham, saying it is time for the South Carolina senator to "just shut up" about the Russia collusion probe.

"Can Lindsey Graham just shut up and let the investigation go?" Bolling asked on "Outnumbered" Tuesday.

"He's the first one in all the time," he continued. 

Earlier today, Graham tweeted his support of Attorney General Jeff Sessions after criticism from President Trump of his former Senate colleague. 

Graham has taken a less harsh stance on the investigation than some of his fellow Republicans.

“The president needs to back off here and let the investigation go forward,” the senator said in May. He pushed for answers on whether the president had pressured fired FBI Director James Comey to halt an investigation related to Russia and the Trump campaign.

However, Graham said he is skeptical about the validity of some Russia allegations, such as those involving Jared Kushner.

“I don't trust this story as far as I can throw it,” Graham said of reports that Kushner tried to set up a "secret back channel" with Russia after the election.

Bolling said Democrats are never going to drop their claims that the Trump team colluded with Russia during the campaign. 

"They will never give up on it. It's all they have," he said, adding Republicans should stop holding committee hearings and let Robert Mueller finish his investigation. 

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