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President Trump warned four opponents to ObamaCare repeal legislation - two of them Republicans.

"Any senator who votes against repeal and replace... they'll have a lot of problems," Trump said during a speech in Youngstown, Ohio.

He followed-up by noting that premiums in West Virginia and Alaska, home to two centrist Republicans who have opposed a full repeal ObamaCare.

Senators Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.V.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) represent the two states first mentioned by Trump.

Trump said health care premiums in West Virginia rose 169 percent since ObamaCare took effect, and 200 percent in the Last Frontier.

He also mentioned how premiums have rose in Missouri and doubled in Pennsylvania - two swing states with Democrats facing reelection in 2018.

Senators Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.) and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) joined Murkowski in voting against a motion to consider a full repeal bill on Tuesday.

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