Repeal ObamaCare or 'You're Fired': Trump Warns Price at Boy Scouts' Jambo

Some Liberals Compared Trump to Hitler During His Speech to Boy Scouts

Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) tore into President Trump's address to the Boy Scouts of America's National Jamboree on C-SPAN.

Garamendi called the speech "absolutely disgusting."

"I have never seen anything so outrageous in my entire life," the Sacramento-area Democrat said.

Trump gave a rousing address to the scouters at Summit Bechtel reservation in West Virginia on Monday.

Garamendi said he is an Eagle Scout, slamming Trump for not speaking to the "higher angels" of scouting, like the tenets of "Citizenship in the Nation" merit badge.

"And then, this man goes out there and talks about sex - he talks about wealth, he talks about yachts. It was disgusting," he said.

The C-SPAN anchor interviewing him asked whether Trump was just talking about his own "personal journey."

"You mean 'Sex and the City'?" Garamendi responded. "To use the scouts as a campaign rally was just totally inappropriate."

He said he was "offended" as an Eagle Scout and said the president had "no idea" he was talking to eleven-to-18-year-olds and not just his Republican base.

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