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Nigel Farage said he is "disgusted" with the way the parents of 11-month-old Charlie Gard have been treated.

Surely "parents of sound mind" should have the final say on what happens to their child, the former United Kingdom Independence Party leader said on "America's Newsroom."

The parents of "Little Charlie," who has a rare degenerative disease, have fought court battles for seven months hoping to defeat London's Great Ormond Street Hospital's refusal to let them take their baby to the U.S. for other treatment. 

Dr. Michio Hirano, a neurology professor at the Columbia University Medical Center suggested a long-shot experimental treatment earlier this month, giving hope to the beleaguered parents. When Hirano examined Charlie, however, he stated that the baby's brain damage has grown too extensive to realistically hope for improvement.

"I think they're behaving very badly," Farage said of the hospital.

"If they were to send a child overseas to get another form of treatment that worked, that might reflect badly on them," he continued, 

"Doctors at any level don't always know what is best," Farage stated, adding that America is "hardly a third world country," and Charlie should have gone there.

"Science moves at different speeds," he said. "And what you've seen here is a classic case of the British establishment closing ranks and saying, 'we know what is best.'"

Farage, who knows Chris Gard and Connie Yates said they are "very good nice decent people."

"Chris and Connie to their graves will never know what might have happened, however unrealistic that may be ... to little Charlie had he gone to Dr. Hirano seven months ago."

"Our hearts weep for them."

WATCH: Tucker Responds to Maxine Waters Calling 'TCT' Racist

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