A former Department of Justice official agreed this morning on "America's Newsroom" that it would be a "very bad idea" for President Trump to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. 

Thomas Dupree Jr., former deputy assistant attorney general, responded to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's (D-NY) statement that firing Mueller would be a "cataclysmic" event in Washington. 

Dupree agreed, advising the president to let Mueller's investigation proceed so that it can be concluded as quickly as possible. 

He said Jared Kushner's meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee today is an opportunity for the White House to get "in front" of the story, rather than letting it keep unfolding in "installments."

Also on Sunday, Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow pushed back on reports last week that Trump is considering pardons for himself or others. 

"Pardons are not on the table," Sekulow said.

Trump spoke of a "red line" for the Russia investigation in a New York Times interview last week, arguing his family's finances would not be within the scope of Mueller's investigation. 

The comment immediately drew criticism and speculation that the president was considering trying to fire Mueller.

Watch his comments above.

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