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Radio host Lawrence Jones debated Democratic activist Richard Fowler over the Russia collusion allegations just moments after Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner gave a brief statement defending his role in the Trump campaign.

"I still don't see the evidence right now, and that's my concern about the entire investigation," Jones offered on "Happening Now."

Fowler pushed back, saying "there's clearly a 'there' there, or there wouldn't be a special counsel investigating this."

Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. came under fire recently for what they said was a fruitless meeting with a Russian lawyer who was supposed to provide dirt on Hillary Clinton. Kushner released a statement to the Senate Intelligence Committee and appeared before them in a private hearing today. Both White House officials have denied all collusion allegations.

"What is the actual statute that was violated?" Jones pressed. "As it relates to Hillary Clinton there was evidence of her acid-washing her computers and server and deleted emails. There was actual evidence of that, and that's why we pressed for an investigation."

"That could be campaign fraud," the Democrat said. "It could be some sort of violation. I don't know what the violation is. None of us do. That's why there's a special counsel."

"Exactly!" Jones shot back.

Congress is running a "side show" so they can get on TV, he commented.

"I think everybody should just take a chill pill and wait for the facts to come out."

Watch the full debate above and let us know what you think.

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