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In his mini-monologue, Sean Hannity discussed a sampling of Trump White House officials fighting back against "fake news" programming.

Hannity praised the officials for "standing up" to the pundits' "misinformation."

Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka got in a verbal tussle with CNN's Anderson Cooper- asking at one point during the interview "how many minutes" had gone by.

"Are you a TV producer now?" Cooper responded.

"I'm just disappointed you're falling into the fake news trap again," Gorka said. "This is sad, Anderson."

Kellyanne Conway accused CNN's Brian Stelter of conducting "one-way, non-conversations," using terms meant to diminish the White House.

Anthony Scaramucci responded to Jake Tapper's assertion that he may have to ask his former coworkers at SkyBridge Capital for $100,000 in bail money, ostensibly related to the eventual conclusion of the Mueller-Russia probe.

Scaramucci responded by saying he would instead ship Tapper a pack of tissues after the 2020 election.

Hannity said it is time for concerned viewers to tweet constructive messages to people like Tapper, Joe Scarborough, CNN president Jeffrey Zucker and NBC News boss Andrew Lack.

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