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George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said that if President Trump fired Robert Mueller, it would be the biggest White House "jam" since William Howard Taft.

Turley said that in order to fire Mueller, there would have to be a string of prior firings or resignations, which would ruffle feathers in Congress.

He said that articles of impeachment - valid or not - would likely be drawn up and create more problems for the administration.

Turley said he was "astonished" that Mueller, a longtime Washington fixture, chose lawyers who made such major political contributions.

But, he warned that Trump would face the "biggest jam since Taft got stuck in the White House tub" if Mueller is removed.

Taft, a Republican who weighed around 350 pounds, allegedly got stuck in the White House bath tub sometime around 1910. 

However, some historians dispute the story.

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