Alan Dershowitz: Mueller and Trump Are Like 'Captain Ahab and the White Whale'

Mark Steyn said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of President Trump is 'banana republic stuff."

"We have a situation which civilized societies do not do, where they investigate someone in order to get something on them," Steyn told "Fox & Friends" Saturday.

"There's not even the appearance of normality here."

The appointment of a special counsel should never have happened, Steyn said, and is a "fundamental assault on self-government by the American people."

The "selective leaks" of sensitive information that have plagued this administration are the real crime, Steyn said.

Mueller expanded the Russia probe this week to include Trump's personal finances, including a 2008 Florida real estate deal. The president hit back in a statement, saying the intrusion was beyond the intended scope of the probe.

The only interference in the 2016 presidential election was not by the Russians but by the "deep state, the permanent bureaucracy, the media, the Democrats, and half the Republican party, who have not accepted what happened on a Tuesday night in November and have determined to interfere with it."

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