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Protesters disrupted a press conference called by the Minneapolis mayor regarding the police shooting of an unarmed white mother.

Mayor Betsy Hodges (D) announced that Chief Janee Harteau tendered her resignation following the death of 40-year-old Justine Damon.

Juan Williams reported on "The Five" that Damond called police last week to report an alleged rape.

One of the responding officers, Mohamed Noor, fired through his cruiser's door, fatally wounding Damond.

"Black activists [were] standing up for this white suburban woman," Williams said.

At the tumultuous press conference, Hodges said Deputy Chief Medaria Arradondo will fill Harteau's position

While Hodges was talking, a man stood up and called for her "prompt resignation."

"We don't want you as our mayor anymore. We don't want you to appoint anybody [to the police department] anymore," he said.

"No longer will we pay you to kill us," another protester said of alleged police brutality. "You terrorize us enough."

A third protester dubbed the event "the people's press conference" as they passed around a bullhorn to make statements.

Jesse Watters said Hodges was "absolutely steamrolled" and noted she had no law enforcement or security to keep the conference in order.

Watch more above and read more about the case at FoxNews.com.

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