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Wall Street Journal columnist Bill McGurn said he is sympathetic to departed White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, but that the issue is likely the message and not the messenger.

McGurn recalled his time as President G.W. Bush's speechwriter, where he was sometimes criticized for the speeches the president gave regarding the 'surge.'

"You give me a better war, you'll get better speeches," McGurn recalled.

In that way, he said that if President Trump offered a more distilled message regarding his agenda, his communications staff will benefit.

He said the issue may be lack of coherent message rather than lack of coherent messenger.

"It does come from the top," he said, adding that Bush would have given an Oval Office address on heath care rather than scattered messaging.

He also said Trump's Twitter use is beneficial, but that it should be treated like alcohol.

"The answer is to drink moderately and not in excess," he said.

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