In an impassioned commentary, Rush Limbaugh said he believes the Washington establishment - both Democrats and Republicans - are involved in a "silent coup" against President Trump. 

"These people are trying to take this president out," he told his national radio audience after the failure of the Senate to pass a bill to replace ObamaCare.

Limbaugh said it's "abundantly clear that career Republicans" want no part of enacting the Trump agenda, including building a border wall, cutting taxes and getting rid of ObamaCare. 

He said it comes down to the unwillingness by the "elite club known as the establishment" to allow an "outsider" like Trump to do what he promised.

"No way this establishment was going to permit an outsider to come in and clean house and show how Washington can work and blow their cover," said Limbaugh. 

On "The Five," Jesse Watters said he sees "incompetence" by the GOP more than a plot against Trump. 

"They want the wall, they want tax reform, they want ObamaCare repealed, they just can't get it done," he said. 

Dana Perino agreed, saying the president needs to get more involved as he did on Wednesday by inviting GOP senators to the White House to push them toward a deal.

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