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Eric Bolling predicted that O.J. Simpson will return to prison again.

A Carson City, Nev. parole board granted Simpson's release earlier Thursday.

Bolling said the former Buffalo Bills running back is too much of a reckless person to abide by the strict limits of his parole.

"I'm very sure that O.J. Simpson will be in jail again," he said.

He added that he was "blown away" that there will likely be people willing to offer Simpson money to be a part of their projects, like reality shows.

Bolling pointed to Simpson's past as reason that the former gridiron star won't stay clean.

He said he was reminded of photos of bruises on deceased ex-wife Nicole Brown's body, as well as pictures of him partying hard in Orlando prior to his latest trial.

"He's never shown the ability to stay away from that stuff," he said.

"[The courts] will pull him back in a second," Judge Jeanine Pirro added.

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