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Alan Dershowitz, who served as an appellate legal adviser to the "dream team" during the 1995 O.J. Simpson trial, warned the former gridiron great to steer clear of the public eye.

Simpson was released on parole, stemming from a robbery case that landed him in a Nevada prison.

"Going on TV will stir up controversy," Dershowitz told Carlson.

"Stay out of the public. Live a public life," he said, adding that the public wants to exploit the tabloid favorite.

"But, he probably will not listen to me," he said.

Dershowitz reflected on Simpson's first trial, saying it was beneficial that he hadn't taken the stand in his own defense.

In kind, he said the prosecution should not have put Det. Mark Fuhrman on the stand.

Fuhrman's testimony was perceived as controversial because of racially-charged remarks he made prior to the case.

"We didn't win the case, they lost the case," Dershowitz said.

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