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O.J. Simpson's lawyer blasted an ESPN reporter at a press conference for asking about the author of an alleged tell-all book about Simpson's time behind bars.

The reporter's question couldn't be heard clearly, but lawyer Malcolm LaVergne's demeanor immediately changed when it was asked.

"Listen, do you know that Jeffrey Felix is a complete fraud?" LaVergne shot back at the reporter. "Can't you tell that that guy is the biggest fraud on the planet?"

Felix, a retired prison guard at Lovelock Correctional Facility, wrote "Guarding the Juice," which purports to reveal several details about his time in prison.

Felix has said that Simpson and friend Al Cowlings - who drove the 'white Ford Bronco' in 1994 - are the only ones who know who killed Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

He alleged Simpson had access to a flat screen TV in prison, saying he is "not suffering," among other details which Simpson and LaVergne dispute.

LaVergne continued his admonishment of the ESPN reporter, criticizing Felix' physical appearance and the fact he self-published his book.

"I've told ABC News a million times - which is also ESPN, which is also Disney - this guy is a fraud and a phony. And, every single thing he has in that book is made-up," he said.

LaVergne accused the ESPN reporter of "perpetrating a fraud" on Felix' behalf, and said he "embarrassed" the staff at the prison.

He said the network could have vetted Felix much better before allegedly going on air "at 4 in the morning" and repeating the author's claims.

LaVergne finished by saying he would no longer take questions from ABC News or ESPN. 

Both entities are owned by the Walt Disney Company.

"I didn't say anything bad about him in the book... That was horrible," Felix told Tucker Carlson.

"I stuck up for him and he ran me over," Felix said.

Watch Felix' interview with Tucker Carlson below:

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