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Jesse Watters reacted to a former Clinton White House adviser comparing President Trump to O.J. Simpson.

Paul Begala said on CNN that while O.J. Simpson is a different kind of football player, Donald Trump is a different kind of president.

Begala was reacting to Camp Hill, Pa.-based writer Jeffrey Lord, who praised Trump as "not your typical president."

"If Trump is the O.J. of politics, then Hillary is the Marcia Clark - because she blew it," Watters said.

Clark was the lead prosecutor in Simpson's murder case.

The trial ended with an acquittal after Clark's team requested that the former Buffalo Bills star try on a glove found at the murder scene.

"If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit," defense attorney Johnnie Cochran famously said.

Greg Gutfeld remarked that Begala is "not your usual pundit," and that Jared Fogle was not the usual spokesman for Subway Restaurants.

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