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Tucker Carlson debated an immigration activist who previously claimed crime rates would go up if President Trump cracked down on sanctuary cities.

Carlson said a new report showed that the crime rate has fallen substantially in Phoenix since it dropped its sanctuary status nine years ago.

Enrique Morones objected to Carlson's reporting, saying there are "ten studies" that show otherwise.

However, he cited a study from the Cato Institute, which Carlson - a former Cato fellow - said he misrepresented.

Morones said law enforcement in San Diego, where he lives, is against Trump's immigration policies.

"You don't like the law... but I kind of have to obey them," Carlson said, asking why Morones wouldn't instead pressure his representatives to change law.

Morones replied that he supports police authorities, adding that Trump should "be arrested for the sexual crimes he has committed."

He said California indeed wants to change the law and become a sanctuary state, but Carlson pointed out Sacramento cannot make federal law.

Morones responded that California would be the "fifth-largest country" if it were independent.

"That's fantasy - I want to bring us back to reality," Carlson said.

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