President Trump is pushing back against what he called "sick" reports on a second, hour-long meeting that he had with Vladimir Putin.

The news broke Tuesday night of a previously-undisclosed talk between Trump and Putin on the sidelines of a G-20 dinner in Hamburg, Germany. 

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Trump took to Twitter to decry the reports as "fake news" and "sick."

According to reports, only a Russian translator was present during the conversation and no U.S. national security aides were present.

The New York Times reported other leaders at the dinner were "flummoxed" over the meeting and thought it to be "really weird."

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski responded on "Fox & Friends," pointing out that the First Lady was sitting next to Putin at the dinner and there was nothing "secretive" about the encounter.

He said the president walked over to talk to his wife, not Putin. 

"He wasn't seated near her and there were 40 people. ... There was nothing secretive about this," said Lewandowski.

Watch the interview above.

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