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Commentator Tomi Lahren said it is the media, not President Trump, that appears to have an "obsession" with Vladimir Putin.

"The Fox News Specialists" played several clips of media figures calling out Trump for his actions toward or meetings with the Kremlin leader.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said America can "safely assume the worst of Donald Trump" after his previously unreported exchange with Putin at a German dinner.

David Gergen, a communications director who served Presidents Nixon, Ford and Clinton, said the meeting "arouses further suspicion" about "Donald Trump's obsession with Vladimir Putin."

Lahren noted Gergen's comments, saying he was correct to say there's "obsession" afoot.

"I think it's more the mainstream media's obsession with President Trump and Putin," she said.

West Coast radio host Lars Larson said Gergen, Frum and others "act like they've never been to a dinner before."

Eric Bolling took issue with something former G.W. Bush speechwriter David Frum said during the montage.

"David Frum, you stupid dolt, you call this an 'unsupervised meeting'?" Bolling asked, adding there were "at least 80 people at that table."

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