Former House Intelligence Committee chairman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) reacted this morning to the news that former Obama official Samantha Power will testify to Congress. 

The former U.N. ambassador under Barack Obama agreed to speak to the House Intelligence Committee as part of its Russia probe, Fox News confirmed.

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Former national security adviser Susan Rice is expected to testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors later this week. 

Hoekstra said there are still many unanswered questions about "unmasking" and how the Obama administration handled raw intelligence.

"I want to know exactly how much information and raw intelligence the U.N. ambassador needs to have," he said on "America's Newsroom."

He questioned why Power would need to have the names of Americans unmasked, if she took that action. 

"This is information that if it were collected inside the United States, it would be illegally collected. This is surveillance of Americans, their conversations overseas," said Hoekstra, adding he has concerns over how the intelligence community has been handling surveillance.

Bill Hemmer noted that Republican senators Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul believe they were surveilled and have asked whether unmasking took place in their cases.

"This is a question that should be answered in about 24 hours and they've asked this question over the last four to six weeks and I don't think they've gotten an answer, which leads me to believe the intelligence community has something to hide here," said the former Michigan congressman. 

The Trump administration and Republicans have raised questions about the practice of unmasking after a leak to the media concerning Michael Flynn's communications with the Russian ambassador. 

In a Fox News op-ed, Judge Andrew Napolitano emphasized that it's a crime to unmask names for political reasons.

"If the unmasking was done for political reasons or to embarrass the American or to embarrass a person of affiliated with the American, like the president-elect of the United States, that's a felony," he wrote.

Watch the interview above.

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