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Commentator and "Rush Limbaugh Show" guest host Mark Steyn criticized the media for focusing on President Trump's fitness while ignoring stories of more marked importance.

"Is this a legitimate critique that he has no visible abs?" Tucker Carlson asked.

Steyn said the media's fixation on Trump's superficial traits like his weight or his diet represents his "cultural offensiveness" to them.

He said Trump differed in this way from President Obama, who once discussed arugula during a speech, which Steyn said was more socially acceptable than the fast food the New Yorker frequents.

"I never saw Winston Churchill jogging and it didn't seem to affect his performance," Steyn said.

He joked that the media wants to "force Trump into eating arugula and jogging because he represents the other side of the cultural divide."

Steyn also discussed former conservative member of Parliament and journalist Louise Mensch, who he said predicted Trump would be executed for espionage.

"If you have Tiramisu with Putin at a G-20 banquet, you should fry for that," Steyn said, characterizing Mensch's statement.

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