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In his Common Sense monologue, Neil Cavuto blasted Democrats and the media for their double-standard regarding Trump's "secret" meeting with Vladimir Putin at a German dinner.

Part way through a meal with several G-20 leaders, Trump got up from his seat and walked over to where Putin was sitting.

The Russian president was assigned a seat next to First Lady Melania Trump.

The media and several Democrats, including Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, expressed outrage at the "meeting," Cavuto said.

Cavuto said it was ridiculous that they took issue with Trump only utilizing Putin's translator when speaking with him.

However, as he pointed out, Trump's translator at the dinner only spoke Japanese - as he was seated next to Japan's first lady, Akie Abe.

"How dare they eat and talk?" Cavuto said, adding that if there was collusion in having the chat, it would have included half of the civilized world's leaders.

"The whole world was in on it," he said. "Save the sanctimonious outrage for someone who cares."

Cavuto said Trump critics never made an issue out of President Barack Obama's promise to have "more flexibility" with Russia after the 2012 election.

Obama was caught off-mic at the time sitting with then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Cavuto also pointed out that President John F. Kennedy was praised for using brother Bobby Kennedy Sr. and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy to communicate with Russia.

Mrs. Kennedy had her own meetings with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, according to Cavuto.

"[So,] JFK's brilliant at working a connection while Trump's a boob," he said.

He said the media and Democrats are trying "very hard to mask a hate [for the president] that is too over the top."

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'He Wants to Remain a Senator, Doesn't He?': Trump Warns Heller on Health Care Opposition

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