The United States is re-certifying the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, despite President Trump's repeated pronouncements against the pact. 

The administration said it will work with allies to fix flaws in the agreement, imposing sanctions against Iran for violating "the spirit" of the deal. 

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Overall, the White House believes Iran is in compliance when it comes to cutting stockpiles of enriched uranium and removing centrifuges. On "America's Newsroom" today, Bill Hemmer pressed Dr. Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Trump, on how the administration arrived at this decision. 

Hemmer noted that Iran is clearly "up to things that you don't like." Gorka said the Iran deal is like being stuck with a "used car with a really bad warranty."

"It doesn't mean you're going to break the warranty, but it doesn't mean the car isn't a lemon," said Gorka, noting the announcement of sanctions on 16 additional Iranian individuals and organizations. 

He said that action was taken because Iran is still violating the "spirit" of the agreement.

"We can't insert new requirements into a multi-nation agreement," said Gorka, faulting the Obama administration for negotiating "weak terms."

Gorka said Tehran continues to support terror and foment instability in the region, but none of that is covered in the deal. 

Hemmer continued to ask how the re-certification is in line with Trump's pledge to voters to "rip up" the deal. 

Gorka said the White House "is not committed" to future re-certifications and there were "long discussions" in the Oval Office before the State Department announced the decision. 

Watch the compelling interview above.

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