Herman Cain had some harsh words for those who are calling for lawmakers to come together to repair ObamaCare.

The former GOP presidential candidate singled out Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), a centrist Democrat who called on lawmakers to find ways to "fix" the Affordable Care Act, rather than repeal it. 

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"Announcement: you can't fix ObamaCare!" said Cain on "Outnumbered," also calling out "disingenuous" comments by Rep. Susan Collins (R-ME), who opposed the Senate bill. 

"You have to restart it with market-driven principles," he added. 

Cain said the House and Senate should follow President Trump's advice to repeal ObamaCare and then begin talks on a solution. 

But he cautioned Trump that Democrats will not work with Republicans in any way on the replacement portion if ObamaCare is repealed.

He said any repeal bill should include a "safety net" so that 16 million Medicaid recipients are not immediately affected. 

Vice President Mike Pence called on Congress to "step up [and] do their job" after several GOP senators announced late Monday they would not support the bill in its current form. 

Melissa Francis said Americans are getting frustrated with Republicans' refusal to take action. 

"If they go home [for recess], they should stay there and not come back," said Francis. 

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