A new poll finds a majority of Americans see the Democratic Party as mainly being opposed to President Trump, rather than standing on a clear message. 

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 52 percent responded that the Democrats stand "just against Trump." 

It was 15 points higher than those who answered that the party stands "for something" while 11 percent expressed no opinion. 

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The results are in line with those who have argued that the Democrats lack a clear message and someone to lead their party forward. 

Democrats have repeatedly declined to offer up an individual when asked who the leader of the party is in the post-Obama political landscape. 

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) said Sunday the president must work with Democrats on things like health care and the economy and that such a strategy would boost his approval. 

The same poll found Trump's approval rating at 36 percent, down six points from April.

Watch the reaction above from Lisa Boothe and Emily Tisch Sussman. 

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