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Vice President Mike Pence responded to a Democrat who criticized his tweet supporting the Senate's ObamaCare replacement legislation.

Pence previously tweeted a short video describing his support for the Senate health care bill.

"Let me be clear. The Senate health-care bill strengthens and secures Medicaid for the neediest in our society. #BetterCare," Pence wrote.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) retweeted Pence, calling out "real evil in the epidemic rate of lying that is going on right now."

Pence later posted a terse response to Murphy.

"You mean like, 'If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor'?" Pence responded, adding a Pinocchio emoji to his tweet.

Former President Barack Obama promised that the Affordable Care Act would allow Americans to keep both their health care plan and their personal doctor if they desired.

After the collapse of the Senate effort, Pence spoke in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, calling on Congress to "step up."

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