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Judge Andrew Napolitano said today that political campaigns cannot accept "something of value" from a foreign person or government.

The Fox News senior judicial analyst said on "America's Newsroom" that the Trump campaign's lawyer - if consulted - would have likely advised Donald Trump Jr. and others not to attend a meeting last spring with a Russian lawyer.

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Napolitano said if damaging information about Hillary Clinton was provided at the meeting, it would have been a "felony, the completion of a crime."

He said the law "may not be the best statute in the world," since it can also be argued that Americans have a First Amendment right to gather information.

The president tweeted today that the meeting was standard practice in politics. 

The judge, however, said the meeting was "suspicious" and should be investigated, especially since it also involved a man linked to Russian intelligence.

"Why didn't Jared Kushner tell the FBI about it when he filled out his national security application?" asked Napolitano. 

The judge said the question is whether Kushner tried to hide a "foolish" decision to attend the meeting or whether he was hiding actual collusion with Russia to hurt the Clinton campaign. 

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