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'Maddow's Dots May Never Connect': Left-Wing Author Blasts Trump-Russia Narrative

Greg Gutfeld said the media's fixation on allegations of Trump-Russia collusion represents a double standard.

"As the media fans the flames of collusion, I ask: what about them?" Gutfeld said.

He pointed to several Democratic scandals which went largely unnoticed by the mainstream press.

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"Hillary's dirty tricks, John Podesta's scams... Benghazi, the IRS," Gutfeld said, listing several incidents.

He said the left colluded with the USSR for decades, and added that the Kremlin was a "far worse" evil in those days.

"The chase is driven by politics and not morality," Gutfeld said of their present-day claims. 

"Today's duplicity by hysterics who embraced the Reds decades ago negates their outrage," he said.

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