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While many on the left continue to accuse President Trump and his administration of colluding with the Russians, one well-known progressive thinker said such actions hurt their cause.

Author Max Blumenthal said he's skeptical of the Russia narrative, remarking that "Rachel Maddow's dots may never connect."

Maddow, an MSNBC host, has been one of the president's top critics in the media when it comes to the Russia narrative.

Blumenthal called Trump the "apotheosis of a failed political establishment," saying the Russia story is simply a cover for establishment Republicans and progressive Democrats to be able to avoid "do[ing] anything progressive."

He accused both parties of "scandal-mongering" and criticized the left for abandoning their anti-war ideology just to attack the president.

He and Tucker Carlson discussed how some Democrats have advocated supporting insurgent elements in Syria for the sake of irritating Vladimir Putin.

Blumenthal, the son of former Clinton adviser Sid Blumenthal, warned such behavior on-the-whole will have "long-term consequences for the left in this country."

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