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So many millennials were feeling the "Bern" last year, supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders' far-left presidential campaign. 

Campus Reform interviewed students in the D.C. area to find out whether they can actually define the idea that's getting more and more popular at America's colleges. 

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Many believed it to be a good thing, but numerous others could not come up with an explanation. 

Cabot Phillips, media director of Campus, said on "Fox & Friends" the footage is not misrepresented and that a number of students believed socialism to be about "social justice for all [and] equality."

"Sadly, most people my age are being taught that competition is scary because there's a chance of losing, but we need to make sure that everyone has an equal chance of opportunity, not outcome," said Phillips.

He noted that these students should learn about the results of socialist regimes, like in Venezuela. 

Watch the video and interview above.

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