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Eric Bolling criticized Jane Sanders for claiming that sexism is to blame for the fact she is under investigation by the FBI.

Bolling suggested that Sanders and her husband, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), "lose the fake Robin Hood shtick."

Sanders, who has described himself as a socialist in the past, often speaks on a platform income inequality.

He said Sanders potentially falsified financial statements while president of the now-defunct Burlington College in Vermont.

The FBI is now investigating whether Sanders committed fraud in order for the school to gain approval for a loan.

"The socialist played gender politics and blamed sexism," he said, after Sanders blamed sexism for the probe.

Bolling said it was unbelievable that the Sanderses could also afford three large homes, despite "never collecting a private-sector paycheck."

He joked that Sen. Sanders, who turns 76 in September, could mimic his wife and claim "ageism" if he is ever investigated in that way.

United States senators make about $174,000 per year.

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