Judge Jeanine: Any Politician Would Take 'First Trolley to Hell' if the Devil Offered Opposition Research

Greg Gutfeld reminded that Democrats were not afraid of the USSR back when it was much more dangerous.

"The Dems used to root for the Russians against us when the USSR was deadly and wanted us dead," Gutfeld said on his show Saturday. "And now decades later things are better and the libs are finally seeing red? Save me the outrage."

Gutfeld reminded that Ted Kennedy set up a quid pro quo agreement with Soviet Union officials regarding his 1983 campaign against President Reagan. Kennedy offered to help Russia cope with Reagan if Russia helped him beat Reagan in the 1984 presidential election.

Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer who was supposed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton raised the alarm last week with liberals.

"If info on Trump was offered to the media, you think they'd ponder its origins?" Gutfeld asked.

"Carl Bernstein would crawl over a bed of angry ferrets to get to that meeting, then call the source a whistleblower."

The host also noted that the definition of "collusion" keeps changing.

"It's not collusion for people to chat," Gutfeld remarked. "I've been fighting collusion all my life from media, academia and Hollywood as they trick us into accepting foul lies and propaganda."

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