Bolling: One Person, Obama, to Blame for Any Russian Meddling

Judge Jeanine Pirro said she is sick of seeing the double standard embraced by Democrats when it comes to the Russia collusion narrative.

"If the devil called me and said he wanted to set up a meeting to give me opposition research on my opponent I'd be on the first trolley to hell to get it," the judge said on her show Sunday. "And any politician who tells you otherwise is a bald-faced liar."

This week saw the Russia collusion accusations against the Trump campaign resurface when a meeting came to light between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and a Russian lawyer who promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

"There is no law that says a campaign cannot accept information from a foreign government," Judge Jeanine reminded.

She remarked on former President Obama's close relationship with Russia, mentioning the hot mike moment when Obama told the outgoing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev that "after my election I have more flexibility."

Obama also "put the fox in charge of the hen house," Judge Jeanine said, when he let Russian President Vladimir Putin take over the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria, which did not happen.

"So folks, it's Barack Obama who's pals with Putin," the judge commented.

Obama also "meddled" in Israel's election, donating almost $350,000 to a non-profit to defeat conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Democrats have spent their time "freaking out" that "the Russians are coming" and "Chicken Little and the sky are falling," Pirro said.

"And if it doesn't stop, the Democrats and the Democrats alone will be responsible for the demise of a workable and effective government of the people," she concluded.

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