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Tucker Carlson debated a journalist who published a piece about how "America is suffering from a plague of deadly, unaccountable and racist police violence."

"The state of police violence and police accountability remains bleak and the fight for justice continues to be hindered," Celisa Calacal wrote in Salon.

She argued that "black and brown people" are disproportionately killed by law enforcement.

Tucker suggested that she's oversimplifying a very complex issue, and she's rushing to judgment with charges of racism.

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He pointed out that a 2016 study found that the odds of a black suspect being killed by a black police officer were consistently greater than the odds of a black suspect getting killed by a white officer.

"That doesn't prove anything necessarily, but it does maybe show that 'racism' isn't as simple in this context as you're making it sound," Tucker said.

Calacal said it's more about larger, systemic issues within law enforcement, as opposed to the race of individual officers.

Tucker said it's dangerous to claim that racism is at the core of police violence without any evidence.

He said that makes people more fearful, makes them hate each other and makes our society much less happy and trusting.

"Why are black cops more likely to shoot black suspects than white cops are?" Tucker pressed. "How does that fit into your neat, little racism package?"

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