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Dagen McDowell pressed a Republican House member this morning on when Congress might take action to address the rapidly-dwindling funds for Social Security and Medicare. 

On Fox Business Network, she highlighted the latest projections, which show a dire long-term situation for the entitlement programs. 

Unless Congress acts, the trust funds that support Social Security are estimated to run dry in 2034, the same year as last year's projection. Medicare's trust fund for inpatient care is projected to be depleted in 2029, a year later than last year's forecast.

If Congress allows either fund to be depleted, millions of Americans living on fixed incomes would face steep cuts in benefits, the Associated Press reported.

"We're not gonna let you off the hook on this. ... When are you all gonna get on the stick about fixing this?" asked McDowell, holding up a copy of the news report for Rep. French Hill (R-AR) to see.

She noted that the worrisome projections come out each year, but nothing gets done. 

Hill said he agrees more reforms are in order, arguing the House's health care proposal seeks to address long-term Medicaid spending by shifting the burden to states. 

"We've expanded Medicaid in the Affordable Care Act to way beyond the congressional intent of what the Medicaid program was for," said Hill.

Watch the discussion above.

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