Trump Defends Don Jr.-Russian Lawyer Meeting: 'Most People' Would Have Attended

Breakfast diners at the Sunset Diner in Green Brook Township, NJ gave "Fox & Friends" their thoughts on patriotism and the media's coverage of the Russia probe this morning.

One man shared his new names for MSNBC, the "Misinformed Speculative News Broadcasting Company," and CNN, the "Collusion News Network."

"There's no news anymore," a man named Bruce said. "Let's get back to what we used to do."

Their thoughts come after a few days of renewed Russia collusion concerns as Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer is scrutinized. The meeting was largely unproductive, but Trump Jr. had hoped she had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The diners also said they think millennials are less patriotic than older generations.

"The kids don't give you help," diner John said. "They want everything for nothing, and there is no such thing. You don't survive that way."

"Why should you be given a gift of being here without having to pay for it in some ways with your work?" he commented.

"We have to go back," the Air Force veteran said. "And whoever doesn't like it, take a hike and go to Libya."

Watch the full segment above.

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