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The big winner with all the obsession over the Trump campaign's alleged collusion with Russia is Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lisa Boothe said on "The Five" tonight.

"He is probably riding shirtless on a horse off into the suset chugging vodka, as America descends into chaos," she said.

She said the losers, on the other hand, are the American people who voted for change and are seeing the Trump administration hamstrung by various Russia-related controversies and allegations.

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Meghan McCain pointed to other potential losers in this ongoing Russia saga. 

She said that Democrats actually come out of this looking badly, particularly former President Obama.

She explained that for years the Democrats, under Obama, downplayed the threat Russia poses. Now that they can use Moscow to attack President Trump, however, the Russians are suddenly our greatest enemy again.

She pointed to Obama's infamous remark during a 2012 presidential debate when he mocked Mitt Romney's concern about Russia as "1980s" foreign policy.

"The reason why Putin and Russia have any strength whatsoever is because Democrats completely ignored his expansion into the Baltic states and everything globally for the past eight years," McCain said. "The fact that you're crying wolf now because it's politically expedient? Give me a break."

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