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Some in the mainstream media had a confused reaction to a photo of President Trump praying with evangelical leaders on Monday.

President Trump met in the Oval Office with about 30 leaders, who can be seen laying their hands on him and praying over him in the traditional manner.

The Huffington Post questioned the president's faith and why Christians would vote for him. CNN's Erin Burnett called the photo "very strange" and seemed confused by it.

The Left is "creeped out by ostentatious displays of faith," Mark Steyn said on "Outnumbered."

"They respond to his sincerity, and they understand that the real opposition to them is people like Erin Burnett who just find them creepy and weird."

Laying on of hands is common among Christians when praying for someone. Ministers are often ordained using this gesture.

“It was normal, what a lot of us pray when we pray for elected officials,” Johnnie Moore said, who handles media relations for some of the ministries and posted the photo. “It was like a meeting of friends.”

President Trump won 80 percent of the evangelical vote in 2016.

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