'What Are the High Crimes?': Tucker Battles House Dem Behind Articles of Impeachment

Bernie Goldberg said that running against left-wing academia in the 2020 presidential race could be a successful campaign strategy for the GOP.

"If running against the media worked for Donald Trump in 2016, why wouldn't running against left-wing academia work for Republicans in 2020? I think it might," Goldberg told host Bill Hemmer.

A recent Pew Research Center poll showed that 58 percent of people who lean Republican view academia as having a negative effect on the country, while 78 percent of those who lean Democrat think it has a good effect.

Conservatives do not appreciate having "radical professors," "pampered left-wing students" shouting down conservative speakers, and "race hustlers" lobbying for separate graduation ceremonies for white and black students, Goldberg said.

"Relentless negativity" in the media is a form of bias as well, Goldberg remarked. "It's getting worse."

The same June poll also found that 85 percent of Republicans think the media has a negative effect, compared to 46 percent of Democrats.

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