Stirewalt: Trump's 'Nothing There' Talking Point Died With Don Jr. Stories

ABC News called a religious freedom law firm an "anti-LGBT hate group" in a story about Attorney General Jeff Sessions' speech to the group.

"Jeff Sessions addresses 'anti-LGBT hate group,' but DOJ won't release his remarks," read the headline. Sessions spoke to the Alliance Defending Freedom about religious freedom.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," ADF attorney Kerri Kupec said, adding that ABC is "encouraging this lack of civil discourse."

She said that ADF's mission is to advocate for people so they freely live their faith without threats from the government to violate their consciences.

The firm accused ABC News of journalistic malpractice, and has asked for an apology and retraction of the story. ABC News adopted the strong language of the Southern Poverty Law Center against ADF.

Kupec lamented that, "the real news" of Sessions' "beautiful speech" got lost in the side show of ABC's coverage.

“In recent years, many Americans have felt that their freedom to practice their faith has been under attack," Sessions told the group, adding faith was what drove people like Martin Luther King Jr. "This feeling is understandable.”

“The federal government will actively find ways to accommodate people of all faiths,” he promised.

"And it's that same faith that inspires us to do what we do and our clients to serve and love everyone," Kupec said.

ADF most recently made headlines for their fifth Supreme Court case win, Trinity Lutheran v. Comer.

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