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During an interview with Pat Robertson, President Trump expressed his frustration at congressional Republicans' delays in repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

When asked how he would react if Republicans fail to pass health care reform legislation, Trump said he will be "very angry."

"I don't even want to talk about it because I think it would be very bad," Trump said. "I will be very angry about it, and a lot of people will be very upset."

On "Your World" today, pollster and political consultant Pat Caddell said the problem is that Republicans are willing to "shoot their own wounded."

"These people will drop or fall apart or flake apart," Caddell said. "They get scared out of their jockstraps by the other side."

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He said that Democrats, on the other hand, will band together during a crisis, as they did during former President Bill Clinton's impeachment hearings.

He argued that Republicans fail to see that if President Trump is damaged, then distancing themselves from them won't necessarily protect them from also being damaged.

Caddell said this is also apparent in how many Republicans have been reluctant to step up and defend Trump over the various Russia collusion allegations, particularly the latest about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer.

"A lot of them don't like Trump. A lot of them don't support him," Caddell said. "What they don't understand is that they are in the same pot with him, whether they like it or not."

"Republicans are easy to spook," he added. "They will not stand and fight the way Democrats do when they feel threatened."

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