Stuart Varney said Democrats and the media are ignoring serious issues in favor of continued hysteria over all things Russia. 

The Fox Business Network anchor pointed out that on the Wednesday night evening news broadcasts on ABC, CBS and ABC, Russia took up 54 percent of the air time combined. 

"Rush Limbaugh says these people have lost their minds and I think he's right. This is Trump derangement syndrome, this is the swamp," said Varney. 

He said the American people aren't hearing enough about other important stories, like health care reform and stock market highs.

Instead, he noted, Democrats continue the effort to drive President Trump from office over allegations of his campaign's collusion with Russia, with House Dems introducing articles of impeachment. 

"Impeachment is the new swamp game," said Varney, calling out Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) for accusing Trump of possibly committing treason after news of Trump's son's meeting with a Russian lawyer emerged. 

According to a new report, betting odds on Trump's impeachment have spiked after the Trump Jr. reports on Ireland-based website PaddyPower. The company said hundreds of thousands of pounds were bet on the impeachment side in recent days, bringing the odds of impeachment to 60 percent overall and 33.3 percent this year.

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