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Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) said his articles of impeachment against President Trump will hopefully trigger an an "intervention" in the White House.

The congressman's "faint hope" is that White House staff will "convince him that his presidency is at risk," Sherman told host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday.

Carlson pushed for Sherman to explain what "high crimes" are in play in the case of Trump.

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The 11-term Democrat accused Trump of obstructing justice when he "threatened [fired FBI Director James] Comey" over Comey's investigation into the Gen. Michael Flynn case.

"In the last couple days we've learned how important that Russia matter was," Sherman said.

"That's not what happened," Carlson pushed back, saying that Trump did not give Comey an ultimatum to end the investigation. Sherman argued the threat was implied.

The congressman said he would like to see the president "stop announcing reversals in foreign policy" on Twitter.

"Wait, so you're impeaching him so he'll stop tweeting?" Carlson asked.

"My hope is that we end incompetent, impulsive government," Sherman said.

He added that he would rather be talking about health care but has not been given a platform to do so.

"So it's my fault you're trying to impeach the president of the United States because I haven't asked you to come on and talk about health care?" Carlson chuckled.

"I would say the argument is there is no Democratic message," the host said.

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