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Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said on "Fox & Friends" this morning that he remains a "no" vote on the Senate health care bill because it will not deliver on his promise to repeal ObamaCare. 

Brian Kilmeade asked Paul why - if the bill is an improvement on ObamaCare - he won't support it and then seek to make it better in the coming years. 

"I don't know that this is better than ObamaCare," he responded, adding that the "fundamental flaw" of the Affordable Care Act would remain in place.

He said the bill will create a $200 billion "bailout superfund" for insurers which will "subsidize the death spiral" instead of fixing it. 

Paul argued that the fundamental flaw of ObamaCare was that young, healthy people are not buying insurance, knowing they can get coverage in the event they become sick. 

"We have these regulations that make it really expensive for young, healthy people. ... I can't vote for something that doesn't repeal ObamaCare and doesn't fix it," said Paul.

A revised version of the Senate bill is being released today, but it still appears short of the 50 votes it needs to pass.

Paul said the bill contains an "insurance stabilization fund," which he sees as a bailout provision for companies that make $15 billion a year and "already have their hands all over this bill."

He proposed splitting the effort into two bills, first repealing ObamaCare and then debating a better option. 

Watch the interview above. 

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) - a supporter of the bill - responded to Paul's criticism later in the show. 

He said that Paul's proposals would not garner nearly enough support to pass in the Senate, leaving ObamaCare in place.

Watch the interview below.

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