Steyn: Putin Would Never Collude via a 'Ludicrous Azerbaijani Pop Star's Publicist'

Michelle Malkin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have benefited much more from a Hillary Clinton presidency than from the current administration.

"Putin would have benefited far greater from an America that was weaker, that de-emphasized its military, and that did not believe in its sovereignty the way that our president does," Malkin told "Fox & Friends."

"He wants what's good for Russia and I want what's good for the United States," President Trump told Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

"Why would he want me [to win]?" Trump said of Putin, adding that Hillary would have "decimated" the U.S. military, which would have been helpful to Russia.

Her comments come as fresh accusations swirl that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the presidential election. Reports this week that Donald Jr., the president's son met in Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer in hopes of obtaining damaging information on Clinton from Russian government sources raised eyebrows.

The meeting was a dud, and the lawyer had no "meaningful information" to offer, Donald Jr. said.

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The Clinton Foundation is essentially a "special interest and influence-peddling foundation and cash machine for around the world," Malkin said, adding that Putin would have been happy to have that at his disposal.

Malkin said she was curious about what those in homeland security and intelligence think are the "biggest ... existential threats" to the nation, such as jihad or North Korea that may pose much greater threats than the Russia collusion theories.

"It raises the question of all of the selective outrage that the media has about foreign meddling," she concluded.

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