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Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile will soon publish a book titled “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House.”

The book will be "equal parts campaign thriller, memoir, and roadmap for the future,” the book's publisher, Hatchet, said.

Brazile replaced Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC chair in July last year after WikiLeaks released damning internal DNC emails that revealed party leaders clearly preferred Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Then, CNN severed ties with Brazile in October after after a subsequent email leak revealed that she used her relationship with the network to feed Clinton debate questions.

She was succeeded at the DNC by current chairman Tom Perez, who took office in February.

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“I’ve been a Democrat all my life, but I’m an American first of all,” Ms. Brazile said in a release by the publishing house Hachette. “At a moment when our democracy is in crisis, it’s time to tell the truth about what went wrong in 2016. Our nation is under unprecedented assault, and if we don’t get the facts out, it will happen again — and worse than you can imagine.”

The book's publication date is set for the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s election victory last November.

Watch Kristin Tate react on Fox Business Network above.

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