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President Trump discussed Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, with the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Trump told Pat Robertson that there will be obvious disagreements between the two leaders.

"He wants what's good for Russia and I want what's good for the United States," Trump said.

He added that there were also several areas where the two could work together, like on a Syrian ceasefire.

"[We're] both tremendously powerful nuclear powers," Trump said. "I'm a big military person."

Trump said that if Hillary Clinton won in 2016, she would have "decimated" the American military, to Putin's approval.

"Why would he want me [to win]?" Trump asked, adding that he supports hydraulic fracturing which threatens Russian oil interests.

"Getting along with Putin can be a positive thing," he said.

After the close of the interview, Shepard Smith added that Russia helped get Trump elected, counter to the president's claims.

Watch more from Trump's interview, via CBN, below.

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