Trump to Pat Robertson: Putin Would've Preferred 'President Hillary Clinton'

FBI Director Nominee: Mueller Is Not on a 'Witch Hunt' in Russia Probe

Eric Bolling said the mainstream media is so invested in a successful Trump-Russia narrative, they are acting like "middle school boys."

Bolling repeated what he said previously on "The Fox News Specialists," that collusion in-and-of-itself is not illegal.

"Chatting about an adoption policy certainly is not criminal," he said. "This is a liberal media witch hunt."

Bolling said such a "witch hunt" against President Trump has not been seen since Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.

He said the media's obsession with the Russia narrative makes them look like a "middle school boy with a crush on a cheerleader, hoping just once she agrees to date him."

"Psst. Liberal media: she ain't that into you," Bolling joked.

He said the media should concentrate instead on recent economic successes and curbing of illegal immigration.

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